That book called, ‘Emma’…


…is so tiresome. Every character including the protagonist, Emma Woodhouse, is so boring. Did 19 c. people really talked like, they have been invited upon a stage to deliver a speach?

Only the Mr. Knightly seemed a bit amusing.

I have only read up to five chapters,  and I am concidering returning the book, to the college library.



The character, Emma is the most annoying heroine I have ever come upon. We have nothing in common, which is the most important source of interest for a reader to continue reading, to lost in the suspence. Oh, that reminds me the book has no suspence at all.

Every romance fiction highlights the first encounter between the heroine & the hero but in Emma, the hero Mr. Knightly is an old family friend and knew Emma from her childhood.

Back to the topic, I actually despise or may be hate such immature of a character like Emma. I am only 19, a year yenger than her, but I can prove that I am much observant and prudent than her in any aspect.

The section, where she tactfully advises Harriet to stay away from Mr.Martin, is the most disgusting closure on her perspective.

People like Emma repels me.

I think I will, return the book back after all.


Beginning of a New Life

I started University about one month ago, and after this while I am still not comfortable. The main drawback is, I think, the new atmosphere and lack of my interactive skills.I still don’t get to make any friends. Though I try to communicate with everyone politely, but don’t manage to get a bit  familiar. I feel, I am pushing it & worring too much, but this lifestyle makes me remember my middle school days, when I barely managed to speak.That time I didn’t have any friends too. This solitary stage continued for nearly three years. that was a bit too difficult time with my stammering and all; but now to my delight I have overcome it, with sincere help from my dear friends from my high school days.

Anyway, I am looking forward to make good (genuine) friends. The teachers are really good natured, friendly, & very much supportive. I promise myself to work hard on my lackings in these three years, & study well. I hope everything will be good for everyone.

I am thinking to write short stories in my blog, onward. I have to come up with an idea to write down. let’s see what I can do, next time.

Blah Blah Blah

Finally it is summer again. The H.S. exams had been over around 15 days ago. Now I have indulged myself in complete indolence and become a sloth. I am reluctant to read even the storybooks I bought myself, from the book fair, last year.

In Bengal a new year starts along with the season summer, my favourite season; for, the summer vacation is the longest vacation we get in Bengal.

But summer is a deadly season to deal with, specially in India, where the periodical Monsoon brings with it, lots of water vapour from Indian ocean. This makes summer an annoying season inducing continuous perspiration. And the remedy is either a fully a.c. residence, or bathing three to four times a day.

Anyway I said, I have become a total sloth, & doing nothing but eating, sleeping, bathing & reading manga, but a week ago I was admitted into a Yoga school. They teach four days a week. I am somehow enjoying it, but I doubt I can stick to it for more than two months.

Today I took my Harmonioum out in the sun. I am planning to start singing by some day in this very week. But whether I can start over, depends on my determination of sticking to resolutions; which I think is at level-0. Because, when mother insisted me to learn Arabic in this post-exam-vacation, I gave up on the very first day after completing only alphabets.

That’s why I need your blessings so that I can strengthen my determination up. Oh, nobody really reads my blog, so I guess I will bless myself and pray for me.

Rain Rain Go Away

Finally found some time to blog 😀 Actually I just couldn’t find anything to write about. It’s not that now I have something to write; but, let’s see, what I can. Come to think of it, last time when I post the blog it was Summer. A deadly season, scorching heat, day-time temperature above 37 degree Celsius, macabre humidity and sometimes the Eye Of Heaven shines too much. But now it is Rainy season; all is cool, the small jungle behind our house is looking vivid once again. But it has side-effects too, and the most disturbing thing is the wet clothes that remains damp even after one whole day, the roads all muddy-wet, I just can’t imagine how will I go to tuitions & the school during this rain. Oh, it’s raining now, feels good & cool. As long as I stay indoors, rain is all bliss. Anyway, this shows that Human Nature is all about, ‘not being satisfied with anything’. Ah, it’s raining really heavy. Well my favourite is Summer (due to summer vacation  :-p ) & I hate Monsoon.


So, which is/are your favourite season(s)? And which season do you find most annoying and why? Please comment & share your thoughts.