Rain Rain Go Away

Finally found some time to blog 😀 Actually I just couldn’t find anything to write about. It’s not that now I have something to write; but, let’s see, what I can. Come to think of it, last time when I post the blog it was Summer. A deadly season, scorching heat, day-time temperature above 37 degree Celsius, macabre humidity and sometimes the Eye Of Heaven shines too much. But now it is Rainy season; all is cool, the small jungle behind our house is looking vivid once again. But it has side-effects too, and the most disturbing thing is the wet clothes that remains damp even after one whole day, the roads all muddy-wet, I just can’t imagine how will I go to tuitions & the school during this rain. Oh, it’s raining now, feels good & cool. As long as I stay indoors, rain is all bliss. Anyway, this shows that Human Nature is all about, ‘not being satisfied with anything’. Ah, it’s raining really heavy. Well my favourite is Summer (due to summer vacation  :-p ) & I hate Monsoon.


So, which is/are your favourite season(s)? And which season do you find most annoying and why? Please comment & share your thoughts.


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