Beginning of a New Life

I started University about one month ago, and after this while I am still not comfortable. The main drawback is, I think, the new atmosphere and lack of my interactive skills.I still don’t get to make any friends. Though I try to communicate with everyone politely, but don’t manage to get a bit  familiar. I feel, I am pushing it & worring too much, but this lifestyle makes me remember my middle school days, when I barely managed to speak.That time I didn’t have any friends too. This solitary stage continued for nearly three years. that was a bit too difficult time with my stammering and all; but now to my delight I have overcome it, with sincere help from my dear friends from my high school days.

Anyway, I am looking forward to make good (genuine) friends. The teachers are really good natured, friendly, & very much supportive. I promise myself to work hard on my lackings in these three years, & study well. I hope everything will be good for everyone.

I am thinking to write short stories in my blog, onward. I have to come up with an idea to write down. let’s see what I can do, next time.