That book called, ‘Emma’…


…is so tiresome. Every character including the protagonist, Emma Woodhouse, is so boring. Did 19 c. people really talked like, they have been invited upon a stage to deliver a speach?

Only the Mr. Knightly seemed a bit amusing.

I have only read up to five chapters,  and I am concidering returning the book, to the college library.



The character, Emma is the most annoying heroine I have ever come upon. We have nothing in common, which is the most important source of interest for a reader to continue reading, to lost in the suspence. Oh, that reminds me the book has no suspence at all.

Every romance fiction highlights the first encounter between the heroine & the hero but in Emma, the hero Mr. Knightly is an old family friend and knew Emma from her childhood.

Back to the topic, I actually despise or may be hate such immature of a character like Emma. I am only 19, a year yenger than her, but I can prove that I am much observant and prudent than her in any aspect.

The section, where she tactfully advises Harriet to stay away from Mr.Martin, is the most disgusting closure on her perspective.

People like Emma repels me.

I think I will, return the book back after all.