Have study become a burden?

Everyone says that student-life is the best part of the life;but I doubt that. Being a student means one’s first priority is study, learn new things & also learn how to use that knowledge. But nowadays, in some cases we just ignore the later two. Today students do not learn new things, they just memorise their notes. We even do not have the time to open our books; and that can’t be helped too, since those text books have become so broad that I usually fear to read them. The chapters have become so vast( each chapter in our physics & chemistry text book consist of at least 50 pages, and each book contains average 20 chapters), that it’s tiring. Reading was never this assiduous before. The things we learn in Science classes are not interesting and attractive( at least to me). We don’t learn new things, we just learn new formulas and how to solve problems using them. And as a result I have totally grown bored of Science subjects. I have reached an impasse, not knowing what to do & how to do.Image   


First Post Ever

was thinking for a while that, creating a blog & to share my ideas, thoughts  & remarks on specific events or things that I come across in my daily life; with my friends, family and people would be great. This would ventilate my imagination & concepts that I can not discuss directly with them. Feeling great!